Air dired chews for dogs have been produced to be a natural alternative to rawhide chews.  Rawhide chews have many hidden dangers, choking hazzard and trace chemicals.  Natural chews have nothing added.  The drying process simply removes the water content, dehydration.  

Foods can be dehydrated by various means: the sun, a conventional oven, an electric dehydrator, a microwave oven (for herbs only), air drying and solar drying.  Dog Chews are dried in large ovens over an extended amount of time to ensure all the flavours are not lost.  There is no substitute for a natural chew.  Manufacturered chews are processed and will contain flavours and chemicals.

We’re often asked by breeders which chews are best for their breed.  We’re also told by breeders which chews are best for specific breeds.  The truth is whilst breeders have a preference every dog is different. And we’re left with an old saying – humans chose for their dogs.  Obviously some dogs will literally eat anything put in front of them.  When its a Boodle Natural Dog Treat it will be safe and 100% natural, no nasties. 

Why Are All Air Dried Treats are Safe

The process of making air dried chews for dogs is simply dehydration.  Crafting air-dried chews for our furry friends is a wonderful blend of nature’s wisdom and modern craftsmanship. It’s like taking a delicious secret and turning it into a treat that dogs adore. Imagine carefully selecting the finest ingredients, like juicy cuts of meat and mouthwatering fruits, to create something truly special for our four-legged companions.

The magic begins with a gentle touch – slowly removing moisture from these chosen ingredients. This step not only locks in the amazing flavors but also ensures that the treats stay fresh and tasty for longer. It’s like creating a flavorful masterpiece that’s also shelf-stable, so our pups can enjoy them whenever they want.

Picture this: as time goes by, the dehydrators work their magic. The vibrant colors of the ingredients become more concentrated, and the textures evolve from soft to wonderfully chewy. It’s like watching a work of art come to life as each treat transforms into something that’s both visually appealing and incredibly satisfying for our dogs.

But it’s more than just a technical process. The people behind these treats are like passionate chefs, pouring their love for animals into every step. They understand the strong bond between dogs and their human families, and they pour that understanding into every treat they create. It’s as if they’re crafting each chew with the same care and attention that a homemade meal receives.

In the end, the process of making air-dried chews is a blend of tradition and innovation. It’s about creating something that speaks to a dog’s natural instincts while also ensuring their health and happiness. From selecting the best ingredients to patiently waiting for the perfect texture, every step is a labor of love that shows just how much we care for our furry companions. So the next time your dog enjoys one of these treats, remember the journey that went into making it—a journey filled with care, dedication, and a deep love for dogs.

Boodles Chicken Breast fillets

Boodles Natural dehydrated chicken breast is 100% Natural & high protein, a truly luxurious treat.

Great for older dogs, puppies and those with sensitive stomachs as they are free from gluten, artificial colours, flavourings, fragrances, preserves and additives.

These dried fillets make a super snack for dogs who are feeling unwell or recovering, they are incredibly tempting to even the fussiest of eaters. They can be cut into smaller pieces for smaller breeds.

No Grains | No soy | gluten free |  No additives  |  100% EU regulated

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Try Boodles chicken strips dog treats. Perfect for training as they are easy to breack or cut into smaller pieces. Or give as a special reward as a whole or 1/2 strip.

They have been gently air dried keeping them chewy, moist and locking in valuable nutrients.

Perfect for when you are out walking your dog, training or simply require a natural dog treat between meals

No Grains | No soy | gluten free |  No additives  

99.7% Chicken 0.2% salt 0.1% vegetable glycerin

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leaf 5/5

Treats arrived promptly and were packaged beautifully. Communication was excellent when I had a query before ordering. Can highly recommend and look forward to ordering again soon!


Donna Ball

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Just to let you know the pizzles and cheeks arrived they stink and she absolutely loves them.


Sandra Thomson

Pig ears are probably the most well known animal ear chew for dogs but there are also several other options including cow ears, lamb ears, water buffalo ears and rabbit ears. Ears are made from cartilage so they are chewy, but not too hard, and they’re very tasty.