This section has been created with some huge assumptions about why you are here! It could be because you’d like to know if your breed of dog has a favourite type of chew.  This is a question we received a lot and it’s answered not so much about the type of breed but the type of chewer!  Labs for example are chewers.  As are most medium to large dogs and gun dogs, generally the more active a dog the more they’re likely to want to relax with a chew.  For a good long chew beef scalp or pizzles are best. 

Are dogs fussy about type of chew?  Of course they are, they can go off a chew that was their favourite but it doesnt mean they wont want it ever again.  Dogs are very similar to humans, animals in general are creatures of habit.  One week we like spicy another week its sweet!  But we have to put a balance in place to ensure our habits are healthy ones.  So, as for favourites… variety is the best way forward and favourites can be for special treats.

Our breed section is a bit of extra information and we’ll add more snippets.



The Affenpinscher is a German breed of small toy dog of Pinscher type. Originally developed as a mouser, the Affenpinscher’s distinctive appearance and charming personality

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