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Affenpinscher Characteristics


Size Classified as Small Dog

Amount of Exercise
Up to 1 hour per day
More than once a week
Over 12 years

Affenpinscher Dogs Favourite Chews

The Affenpinscher is a small dog

The Affenpinscher is a German breed of small toy dog of Pinscher type. Originally developed as a mouser, the Affenpinscher’s distinctive appearance and charming personality has gained popularity as a companion among dog lovers worldwide.

Curious, Fun-loving, Playful, Stubborn, Active, Adventurous. The Affenpinscher is a small dog with bags of curiosity and playfulness and is a great choice for those with little experience with dogs as well as for those that are more experienced dog owners.

This is a breed that is very playful and entertaining, and is alert and agile but can also be suspicious towards others and can be very stubborn and strong-willed. However, in most cases, these toy dogs will get on fine with other family pets, and with older, considerate children, although they are not recommended for families with younger, boisterous children.

The Affenpinscher, also known as the “monkey dog” due to its unique appearance, is a small, playful, and mischievous dog breed.


Originating from Germany and Austria, the Affenpinscher was bred in the 17th and 18th centuries as a ratter and a companion dog.

**Physical Characteristics**

* Weight: 6-13 pounds (3-6 kg)
* Height: 9-11 inches (23-28 cm)
* Coat: Harsh, wiry, and dense; can be black, tan, or red in color
* Face: Flat, with a short muzzle and a prominent chin
* Eyes: Dark, round, and expressive
* Ears: Erect or cropped


* Playful, curious, and mischievous
* Loyal and affectionate with family
* Can be wary of strangers and may require time to warm up
* Intelligent, but can be stubborn at times
* Requires consistent training and socialization


* Prone to health issues such as patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, and eye problems
* Average lifespan: 12-15 years


* Requires regular grooming to prevent matting and tangling of the coat
* Needs daily brushing and occasional stripping


* Requires moderate exercise, such as daily walks and playtime
* Suitable for apartment living due to its small size and moderate energy level

**Family Suitability**

* Suitable for families with older children who can handle the dog’s playful and mischievous nature
* May not be suitable for very young children due to its small size and potential fragility