Boodles Loose Mix Chew Box


100% Natural Chew selection

Perfect for any breed of dog & puppies.

The treats are sent loose in one of our Boodles boxes minimising packaging and waste.

Natural treats can provide your dog with extra vitamins and nutrients that regular dog food may not provide and many are amazing for dental health too as well as stopping your dog finding other things to chew!


100% Natural Chew selection 

Boodles loose mixed boxes are great for giving your dog a variety of treats, from daily nibbles to great strong longer lasting chews.

As well as being full of nutrients and protein, they can also help to keep your dogs teeth clean removing tartar during chewing.

Chewing can also help with boredom and anxiety, helping to keep your dog happy and healthy

Each box is designed to last approximately a month (depending on your dogs size, breed and chewing habbits)

Available in 3 sizes

  • small – perfect for small – medium dogs
  • medium – great for large dogs or 2 medium dogs
  • X large – this HUGE box is great for 2 or more dogs

Each boxes contains a mixture the below – although please note contents will vary depending on stock levels & not all treats are included in the different sized boxes as some are too large for the smaller boxes.

Doggie Spaghetti

All dogs adore these super tasty 100% natural chews :) They are packed with valuable nutrients, including biotin which is good for healthy skin and a glossy coat.

Chicken wing tips

Tasty, crunchy chicken wing tips are a 100% natural treat your dog will love. They are high in protein and low in fat giving them a great snack between meals or used as a high value training reward. These have been air dried so they are crunchy but they will not splinter.

Chicken necks

Chicken Necks are naturally rich in calcium as they include natural bone within. Calcium is an essential part of every dog’s diet.

Chicken Feet

The perfect treat and chew to keep your best friend happy and healthy. Nature’s tooth brush for dogs + essential vitamins for a healthy coat of fur.

They contain valuable proteins and fatty acids,  great for helping to maintain your dogs skin and shiny coat as well as assisting and improving your dogs dental health.


Perfect for a good chew – Teething puppies love to chew – and they’ll chew anything to ease the pain in the gums – this is the perfect treat that will give them a really good long chew. They can be filled with food or other treats to entice them even more or even pop it in the freezer for a while perfect to ease that gum pain.

Beef Tendon

This is the neck tendon of the cow which provides a very tough long lasting chew. It is high in nutrients and all the good fats dogs need to stay fit and healthy.

This is considered a long lasting chew, smaller pieces are also a great snack for between meals and a healthy alternative to mass produced chews.

Bulls pizzle end pieces

Ultimate Dog Chew / Treat!  Warning, these chews can be stinky :) But your dog will LOVE them.

They also aid in keeping gums healthy by loosening tartar and can help clean teeth if used regularly.

Beef Jerky Sticks / Flats

High in both Chondroitin and Glucosamine which can aid canine arthritis. Glucosamine is effective in pain reduction, joint inflammation reduction, and increased joint mobility. Chondroitin can help promote joint repair.

Rabbits Ear

Our Rabbit Ears are hypoallergenic so great for dogs with sensitive digestions or who suffer with allergies. They are high in protein and not too big or thick so they are a favourite treat for large and smaller dogs alike. The fur can also help act as a natural de-wormer and could form part of a natural de-worming regime.

Beef trachea

This is a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which can help maintain healthy joints. They are easily digestible so great for puppies and older dogs.

Beef Skin Strips

Beef hide is naturally hard so a great treat to keep your dog entertained for a long time. High in protein and low in fat.

Beef Scalp

Hard, resistant beef scalp cleans the teeth, strengthens the jaw muscles and guarantees extra-long chewing enjoyment. This unprocessed snack will awaken your four-legged friend’s natural instincts, and keep them occupied! It will clean your dog’s teeth and the sustained chewing action will strengthen jaw muscles.

Beef Lung

Dried Beef Lung is a great low fat dog treat suitable for all breeds. Especially suitable for older and over weight dogs. They are high in single-source protein to help provide the energy that every dog needs.

Achilles Tendon (only in the large box)

These highly palatable, large tendons are a great treat for dental hygiene as they can be chewed for a long time. The intensive chewing also strengthens your dog’s jaw and promotes good oral hygiene through the maniacal cleaning of the teeth. A perfect chew to keep your dog busy and happy for a while! Great for large breeds

1/2 Pigs Ear

Pig’s ears are a long lasting, and super tasty. the very act of gnawing our gnarly pigs ears have a natural cleaning effect to your dog’s teeth, helping to loosen and remove plaque

Fish Skin / Sprats / Anchovies

Both fish skins & sprats are a rich sourceBoth fish skins & sprats are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Important for supporting healthy joints, coats, skin, heart and eyes. Omega 3 also aids brain development, helping focus, memory and behaviour.of Omega 3 fatty acids. Important for supporting healthy joints, coats, skin, heart and eyes. Omega 3 also aids brain development, helping focus, memory and behaviour.

Pizzle End pieces

Bulls pizzles can aid in keeping gums healthy, removing tartar and can help clean teeth if used regularly.

Chewing is a natural behaviour for all dogs and should be channelled appropriately rather than discouraged or punished. Directing your dog towards chewing on natural treats will help to improve oral health, scraping and cleaning teeth to reduce any build up of tartar or plaque. A natural healthy chew can help to relieve boredom and destructive behaviour, and can help nervous dogs or those with separation anxiety.Dogs treats & chews are 100% natural air dried products – very popular because they are so healthy. ❤

Air dried treats are NOT COOKED and do not splinter.

Please store in a dry non-humid environment. No refrigeration required. Keep away from direct sunlight. Fresh water should be available at all times, please supervise your dog with a chew.

Natural dog treats and dog chews are supplements to your pet’s regular diet. Which can help to maintain healthy teeth and healthy shiny coat.



Boodles Natural Dog Treats


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