Rabbit Ears WITH FUR – Natural Dog Chews


100% Natural Rabbit Ears for Dog Chews.  Our Air Dried Rabbit Ear with Fur, perfect puppy treats.

NO Artificial Colours
NO Artificial Flavours
NO Additives
100% Natural Premium Chews
Nothing other than how nature intended.


Rabbit ears for dogs, Natural Air Dried Rabbit Ear with Fur

Meaning ‘less likely to cause an allergic reaction’ as rabbit is a novel protein not often found in many commercial dog foods.

Suitable for puppies 12 weeks+
Our rating is based on an average sized puppy. If you have a toy or small breed puppy, this treat would be better given once they are a little bigger or cut in half due to the amount of fur on them. Introduce furry rabbit ears slowly and monitor for any adverse effects.

Natural dental chew
Chewing on rabbit ears can help clean a dog’s teeth, reducing plaque and tartar buildup. The texture of rabbit ears can act as a natural floss, promoting healthy gums and preventing dental issues.

Suitable for most sizes and breeds of dog
Furry rabbit ears can be enjoyed by all breeds and sizes of dogs. Exercise caution when feeding toy breeds to ensure the fur does not cause any blockages – cutting the ears in half can alleviate this issue.

100% Boodles natural dried Rabbit Ears are great way to keep your dog amused while cleaning teeth and strengthening jaw muscles. The fur helps as a natural de-wormer and could form part of a natural de-worming regime.

Our Rabbit Ears for dogs are hypoallergenic. Great news for dogs with sensitive digestions or who suffer with allergies. Rabbits ears are high in protein and not too big or thick so they are a favourite treat for large and smaller dogs alike.

The soluble fibres in the hair may aid in cleansing your dog’s intestinal tract and may even aid in de-worming.

Great to calm a dog down. Our Boodles rabbit ears are a fantastic way for your dog to clean their teeth naturally.

They are naturally dried without the use of artificial additives and 100% pure Rabbit. A healthy chew snack that will keep your dog happy and busy.

Naturally grain and gluten free
Just 100% air dried rabbit ear with hair.

High in Protein
High protein dog treats contribute to these benefits by providing essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Amino acids are crucial for muscle repair and growth, and they play a vital role in various physiological functions.

High in Collagen
Collagen benefits dogs by promoting joint health, supporting skin and coat quality, and aiding in overall connective tissue maintenance. for healthy coats and skin.

Supports joint health
Dried rabbit ears for dogs contain natural levels of glucosamine and chondroitin. These compounds are known for supporting joint health and are beneficial for dogs, especially those with arthritis or joint issues.

Responsibly sourced from the EU
Our rabbit ears with hair are sourced from within the EU from trusted partners that remain committed to animal welfare .

No additives or preservatives
Our rabbit ears with fur are air dried in a controlled environment with good air circulation on trays or racks. The treats are left to air dry naturally over an extended period, allowing moisture to evaporate gradually.

Healthy and nutritious
Dried rabbit ears contain vitamins (such as B-vitamins such as B12) which support various metabolic processes and minerals (such as phosphorus, selenium, and zinc) contributing to overall health.

Long shelf life
Store in resealable packaging, out of sunlight and at room temperature to keep the product fresh for 18 months.


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