Natural Air Dried Rabbit Ear WITH FUR


100% Natural Air Dried Rabbit Ear with Fur

NO Artificial Colours
NO Artificial Flavours
NO Additives
100% Natural Premium Chews
Nothing other than how nature intended.

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100% Natural Air Dried Rabbit Ear with Fur

100% Boodles natural dried Rabbit Ears are great way to keep your dog amused while cleaning teeth and strengthening jaw muscles. The fur helps as a natural de-wormer and could form part of a natural de-worming regime.

Our Rabbit Ears are hypoallergenic so great for dogs with sensitive digestions or who suffer with allergies. They are high in protein and not too big or thick so they are a favourite treat for large and smaller dogs alike.

The soluble fibres in the hair may aid in cleansing your dog’s intestinal tract and may even aid in de-worming.

Great to calm a dog down. Our Boodles rabbit ears are a fantastic way for your dog to clean their teeth naturally.

They are naturally dried without the use of artificial additives and 100% pure Rabbit. A healthy chew snack that will keep your dog happy and busy.

  • Made from fresh raw ingredients
  • No chemical additives
  • No flavourings or colourings
  • Gently dried and natural
  • No preservatives
  • No sugar or caramel
  • Do not splinter
  • Suitable for puppies and older dogs
  • Come from EU regulated farms
  • From free-range animals, all grown as nature intended with no growth hormones




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