The “Nutritional Insights for Healthy Pet Dogs” topic is huge, there are so many sub topics and questions.

For example, it’s not just what can dogs eat it’s also what they can’t or shouldn’t eat! There are allergy test kits for dogs with sensitive stomachs and allergies so do consult with your vet if you have any concerns (its the only way to know for sure but it does involve a blood test carried out by your vet and your dog does have to be over 12 months).

It’s only in the last 20 years that health and wellbeing for our pet dogs has become mainstream. There is a fightback from the mass produced treat processors (because of questions like: Are dentastix bad for dogs?) and this is pushing prices up for natural treats (demand is high supply of high quality is limited).

But price should not put you off removing bad treats from your dogs diets and replacing them with healthy natural. Humans are in control of our dogs diets. Dogs, if left to their own devices would eat anything put infront of their noses unless your dog is like Evie she can be fussy! So lets make sure our dogs eat the best natural foods and chews available.

Dogs are curious! Well dogs maybe not so much as a puppy! But still even after they have been trained not to eat rabbit, fox, horse poo they still do! Humans try to teach our dogs not to eat the wrong things! But just as we have to keep our eyes on toddlers we have to watch our four legged family members to make sure they don’t snaffle the wrong type of food. Chocolate for example is a no no for dogs. But I only discovered this for the first time as an adult 8 years ago when we got our first family dog. Bearning in mind I took my eyes off my son and he’d swallowed a shirt cufflink! So 4 hours in A&E and the X-Ray showed the cufflink clearly in his stomach. Thankfully it did come out and there was no damage. We just need to be aware of what is toxic foods for our dogs whilst also keeping an eye on them, just like we have to keep our eyes on toddlers.

I know its a simple thing to say but in general dog foods are seperate to human foods. What’s good for humans may be toxic to a dog. We have put together a few articles that outline what a dog can eat or what a dog cant eat. The purpose isn’t to encourage feeding dogs these types of food if they are not toxic but more of a guide in case your dog does eat something that can be harmful. Corn on the cob for example or Avocado, its not a typcial food we would consider as part of our dogs diet but they maybe snaffle a piece from a plate during a BBQ. Natural foods and inparticular vegetables are added to dogs foods to add additional nutrients so its good to have an idea about different foods and how they may effect your dog if eaten. The below are food types commonly asked if dogs can eat them.