Dog Training Treats (suitable for puppies 8 weeks+)

Dog Training Treats

Puppy training starts almost immediately! The pup is learning from the moment it arrived into the world. No different to humans. However, humans are not on their paws straightaway and solid foods are introduced slowly! That said, dogs will only want soft chews and only from around 6 to 8 weeks. Its around this time […]

Puppy Crying at Night

Why is my puppy crying at night? Knowing why your puppy is crying at night will help towards stopping your new puppy from crying.  After the excitement of returning home with your new puppy, the fun begins!   Toilet training, feeding and at the enfd of the day sleeping.  Sleeping that is once the crying […]

Is it easy to stop your dog pulling on a lead

There is so much information on the internet it can be daunting, where do you even start? A dog pulling on a lead should surely be a simple thing to fix it just requires a lot of perseverence and a good training acticle. But if you ‘Google’ ‘Yahoo’ or Facebook search for “How to stop […]

Best Training Treats for Dogs

A few dog training points to consider Mistakes people often make when training a dog vary.  Underlying most mistakes is lack of confidence.  A lack of self belief.  Almost everyone has the ability to be control of their own dog.  In most cases the need for help is just to give you a nudge in […]

Puppy Recall Training

Is recall training easy?  It can be! But it can also be hard work. It takes consistency, commitment and some time, but it will be well worth the effort. Firstly just relax, recall training is possible and once achieved both you and your dog will be free to concentrate on enjoying your walks together. Does […]