Puppy Crying at Night

Why is my puppy crying at night?

Knowing why your puppy is crying at night will help towards stopping your new puppy from crying.  After the excitement of returning home with your new puppy, the fun begins!   Toilet training, feeding and at the enfd of the day sleeping.  Sleeping that is once the crying has ended.

Eventually your puppy will stop crying if left alone.  But we humans cannot cope with the thought of the puppy being unsettled.  So we intervene  in the same way we do with new born babies.  Its our instinct.

Talking of instinct, the pup will want to cry out for help because they are after all a pack animal.  And they have been seperated from their pack.  Taken from their mother and siblings is a very stressful time.  But we’re going to help them overcome this stressful period and they’ll come out on the side as part of your family, happy and content in their own bed.

We have all been there with a new puppy on the first night and crying just wont stop.  How do I stop this puppy from crying is the question repeating itself.  Of course the puppy stops crying when you attend and give it a stroke.  But do you want to spend the night with your puppy?


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