Is it easy to stop your dog pulling on a lead

There is so much information on the internet it can be daunting, where do you even start?

A dog pulling on a lead should surely be a simple thing to fix it just requires a lot of perseverence and a good training acticle.

But if you ‘Google’ ‘Yahoo’ or Facebook search for “How to stop my dog pulling on the lead” you will discover 1,000,000’s of articles saying almost exactly the same thing but in different ways. Which one do you choose?

You’ll also find many people selling gimmicks and tricks to help you and your dog.  Do you need to buy a clicker, a whistle or dog bells before you train? Many trainers believe not, but at the end of the day you know your dog and it’s all about finding the training techniques that suit both of you personally.

Stop Dog Pulling on a lead with simple training

And regardless of claims of unique training techniques all dog training has a very strong foundation in human psychological research. So learning what works best for you and what’s best for your dog surly has to be forefront.

The below video from a professional trainer shows you one tried and tested technique. She believes you can stop your dog pulling on the lead with a good harness, watching this video and a bit of determination from both you and your dog. No Bells or whistles required.

Which articles you decide to read can depend on what grabs your attention during your searching.

Don’t stick with the same articles by the same people read as many as possible so you can select the best training technique for your dogs personality.

Our advice? Keep calm and keep an open mind during your research. Once you’ve decided on the technique that will suit your dogs temperament and of course yours, just stick at it. Perseverance is always key.

Dog Treats currently do not stock harnesses but we recommend Julius-K9 Harness.  Purely by chance they were featured on the TV programme Watch Dog recently!  There was a FAKE warning.  Fakes being sold are breaking and causing stress to dogs and owners.  Make sure you buy direct, from a verified supplier or a website you can trust.

The programme didn’t mention any specific online auction website so just double check when buying.  As with all products there will be cheap copies and there are lots of cheap harnesses available online.

Do you have any stories about your dog pulling on a lead.  Share any tips that helped you stop your dog from pulling.  What works for one person doesn’t always work for another.  More often than not the average family dog can be very well behaved with some kindness and plenty of warmth.

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