Best Training Treats for Dogs

A few dog training points to consider

Mistakes people often make when training a dog vary.  Underlying most mistakes is lack of confidence.  A lack of self belief.  Almost everyone has the ability to be control of their own dog.  In most cases the need for help is just to give you a nudge in the right direction.

With so many resources available on the internet it is very realistic for you to enjoy reading different articles and advice and make your own training method.  A training method that you and dog and the family can feel at home with.

As for the best treats!  Dogs as a general rule of thumb eat anything!  Yes some dogs can be fussy.  Take Evie Boodle she can turn her nose up at our very own best selling premium air dried bulls pizzles.  On the other hand our neighbours dog wouldn’t need to be asked twice. Pizzles are great for chewing but not ideal for a quick reward training treat.  (Since this was written Evie has taken a keen interest in premium pizzle sticks.  That said you still need a quick treat like sprats for for training ot the piggy spaghetti).

There are many training methods that do not require treats!

Training for the sake of a treat rather than what is actually expected!  Eg, Dog pulling on the lead. Do you actually need a treat to train?

Should you use food or treats to train?

This question comes with many answers, both positive and negative, and it definitely depends on who you ask.

Some experts feel that the best training method is through positive reinforcement. But what does that mean exactly? Should you use food and treats to train your dog? Or not?

Surely positive reinforcement training uses praise and/or treats to reward your dog for doing something you want him to do. The treat reward makes him more likely to repeat the behaviour, positive reinforcement it seems is one of the most powerful tools for shaping or changing your dog’s behaviour. But then do we want our dogs to only behave if they are treated?

If you should decide to use food and treats to train your dog, with a significant rise in today’s pet obesity population, we feel the quality and fat content of the treats is very important.

So perhaps the best answer to the initial question … yes and no.

Don’t make treats or food as the sole solution when it comes to rewarding your pet. But do use positive reinforcement methods such as praise and affection, along with food & treat related incentives when training and rewarding your best friend.

Time to search the internet and find a training programme that suits both you and your dog and with some perseverance you should be on your way to having a fully training best friend.

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