Do you sleep with your dog?

Dogs have been man’s (and woman’s) best friends for centuries. Adopting a dog, for most of us, is welcoming in a new family member. The demands of a puppy can be likened to the demands of a newborn child. With night crying, toilet training and behaviour training they can be full on! If you choose […]

Pizzle Sticks Bully Sticks for Dogs – Size & Quality

Boodles 100% natural bull pizzle sticks for dogs in brown sealable pouches

Pizzle sticks (bully sticks) for dogs come in many shapes and sizes and there are reasons for this. Pizzle Sticks for Dogs – Bully Sticks There is a simple explanation why sticks (especially when cut into 12cm lengths) vary in size consistency. Quality will be defined at the end of this description.  Or you can […]