Pizzle Sticks Bully Sticks for Dogs – Size & Quality

Pizzle sticks (bully sticks) for dogs come in many shapes and sizes and there are reasons for this.

Pizzle Sticks for Dogs – Bully Sticks

There is a simple explanation why sticks (especially when cut into 12cm lengths) vary in size consistency.

Quality will be defined at the end of this description.  Or you can jump straight to the quality of pizzle sticks if the size isn’t a big concern.  Pizzles Loose Box are one of the best selling chews for dogs and there is no consistency to length, size and shape.  Pizzles are a premium product for dogs, its a chew with many benefits.  The loose bulk boxes offer the best value.

One of the most common questions about pizzle sticks for dogs is, how long do they last. This can depend on the type of dog you have but also the size of the pizzle.  The loose random size boxes have been created after the 12cm pizzle sticks have been packed.  This is why there is a weight price and a stick price.  It does get a bit more complicated because the producer offers a price per piece and a price per Kg.  In simple terms the produce is different every time.  even the 12 cm cut sticks will vary in thickness so it would be impossible to weight and price every 10 pack of pizzles.

Thick pizzle sticks are the preferred choice for large dogs that love to chew.  A dog that enjoys chewing could easily whip through a medium sized pizzle stick from between 30 – 60 minutes.

The problem with livestock is anatomical differences ( one of the beauties of nature). Which to be fair isn’t going to be extreme within the same species. Bulls are generally consistent even when compared from breed to breed. So, why the difference in size of pizzles available to dog owners. The answer is simple but can be made complicated (obviously by human intervention).

Let’s assume we have the same breed of bulls for the sake of consistency. The size of the pizzle in the raw form will be approx the same. The length will be approx 4ft, approx 1M.

The drying process – the natural air dried version of the raw pizzle is what makes the differences in size.  The length of the pizzle can be dried flat or hanging.  The hanging process will stretch the pizzle length so we can end up with a thinner pizzle length.  In this case, more 12cm pieces can be cut from a longer dried pizzle length.  Thin pizzle sticks are perfect for smaller dogs but larger dogs do prefer thicker pizzle sticks!

The pizzles dried lying down flat will retain most of their natural thickness. And its these that we want for a our dogs.  Because they last longer :)

The other elements to drying is how much heat is added and how long they are left to dry.  To some extent there is no true control or consistency to this process.  The time and temperature may vary only slightly and we’ll end up with darker or lighter pizzle lengths.  Ironically whether the pizzles are lighter or darker is not a true indication for how long they spent drying.  Some light coloured sticks are heavy just as some darker coloured sticks are light in weight.  The reason for this is unclear.  Density is down to how much moisture has been taken out during drying.  The target moisture for the dried pizzle is approx 10%

Pizzle Sticks – The question about cost always crops up.

Why are they so expensive compared to dentastix? The short answer is obvious!  They are not manufactured they’re natural.  Dentastix can be churned out using an endless supply of ‘ingredients’.  There are no ingredients to make a pizzle stick.  There is only one per bull.

With a limited supply, combined with cutting to size.  A dog friendly natural chew becomes more expensive than its manaufactured alternatives.

We all know we can’t buy health but we can choose what to consume or just not!

Because cost can be an issue Boodles Dog Treats has created 3 different options.

There is a standard size 12cm which thickness varies. BUY Bulls Pizzle Premium 10 Pack

There is a 5pk which are slightly thinner for smaller breeds or more delicate dogs BUY Premium Bulls Pizzles 5pk

There is a 20 pack option 20pk eco pouch 20 Pack Pizzle Sticks

Of course we also have the pizzle randoms (which are probably the best value as they are priced by weight) Due to the demand for Pizzle Sticks the random end pieces are in short supply.

Each pizzle will vary in size and shape slightly as they are 100% natural. Bulls pizzles are not available to purchase individually but we do have bulk buy packs available to make savings.

Bully sticks for dogs can aid in keeping gums healthy, removing tartar and can help clean teeth when used regularly.

Storage: Storing air dried treats should be cool, dry places.  Not in direct sunlight or where temperatures vary.

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