Can Dogs Drink Alcohol? NO!

Can Dogs Drink Alcohol

Alcohol and Dogs: A Dangerous Combination Alcohol and dogs should never mix. Alcohol poses serious risks to a dog’s health and well-being. Dogs have a much lower tolerance for alcohol compared to humans, so a small amount is as toxic as a large amount so go for – NO amount! Just a few sips of […]

Dogs Health & Wellbeing Boost: Tips

Did you know that dogs have a profound impact on our health? It’s true! Research findings from Google Scholar and PubMed abstracts indicate that owning a dog can greatly improve our overall wellbeing. Not only do dogs provide companionship, but they also offer physical and emotional benefits to their human counterparts. The bond between humans […]

Puppy Teething – Teething Help for New Puppies

Dogs Teething – Teething Remedies and Help for New Puppies. This article has been produced to help as a guidance. Every breed is different and may require specific details for teething. When unsure it is best to consult with your local vet. Regular checks with your vet should help identify any problems early. Dental disease […]

Do you sleep with your dog?

Dogs have been man’s (and woman’s) best friends for centuries. Adopting a dog, for most of us, is welcoming in a new family member. The demands of a puppy can be likened to the demands of a newborn child. With night crying, toilet training and behaviour training they can be full on! If you choose […]

Pizzle Sticks Bully Sticks for Dogs – Size & Quality

Boodles 100% natural bull pizzle sticks for dogs in brown sealable pouches

Pizzle sticks (bully sticks) for dogs come in many shapes and sizes and there are reasons for this. Pizzle Sticks for Dogs – Bully Sticks There is a simple explanation why sticks (especially when cut into 12cm lengths) vary in size consistency. Quality will be defined at the end of this description.  Or you can […]

Do dogs suffer from Hay Fever?

hay fever in dogs

Similar to many of us, dogs can also suffer from hay fever! If your dog is sneezing and scratching more than usual, or has a runny nose or eyes, they may have been affected by allergens in their environment. An estimated ten percent of dogs suffer from hay fever, which actually makes reasonably common in […]

Alabama Rot in the UK

Alabama rot (cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy) is an increasingly common disease in dogs which causes damage to the blood vessels of the skin and kidneys. Dogs with the disease can suffer from skin ulcers, acute kidney failure and even death. The good news is this is a very rare potentially life-threatening disease.  Figues for […]

What temperature is too hot for a dog

What temperature is too hot for a dog? I was reading about heat stroke in dogs, and it started me wondering and worrying what is the maximum, comfortable temperature for a dog, in a house without an air-conditioner? This is a great question. The answer can also apply to those who have dogs that prefer […]

Dog Treats For All Ages

air dried dog treats

The range of dog chews and treats sold on Dog Treats have been sourced from leading UK suppliers.  Dogs from the age of 4 months will start teething.  This is the best time to introduce your puppy to 100% natural chews and treats.  Natural can be misleading if you believe the labels found on most […]

Are Dog Treats Causing Obesity

Have a search online for ‘what causes obseity in dogs’ and you’ll find different opinions.  In numerous articles by many different bloggers Pet Treats are stuffed full of calories are the cause! However, most articles you find on this issue are loaded with hidden agenda.  Is there really something so harmful about the big brand […]