A dogs nutritional needs will vary from dog breed to breed. However there are nutritional requirements for all dogs. Putting to one side factors such as lifestyle differences this is a combinded science based and general overview dietary guide for dog owners. There are all sorts of different factors playing a role in every individual dogs life. It depends how strict you are, we havnt been strict and Evie was recently described as obese. Given we seek to do the best for our pet dogs to ensure they are healthy, this guide has been created to help you find what you think is best for your dog. Evie was put on a diet and given extra exercise, she has lost weight :)

Working out exact measurements for food types could be considered taking things too far but it may be necessary if your dog suffers from alegies or is senstive to certain foods. Or is just overwight like Evie was. I personally didnt think she was but I wasn’t aware of her sneaky helping herself to chews behaviour!

Nutritional requirements are a standard for a healthy wellbeing even though the amounts change and from what source they are obtained. Chicken, Fish, Pork, Lamb, Game and Beef all provide protein but your dog may have an adverse reaction to Beef. If you have any concerns about your dogs stomach sensitivity consult your vet. This article is only a guide but does reference data from authoritive sources such as National Academies.

It should also be noted that Boodles Dog Treats currently provides natural chews and treats for dogs which can make up 10% of a dogs daily calorie intake.

In the most simple form, daily intake is based on calories per day. This is also known as average daily energy needs. Type of dog in this way of calculation is based on type of dog not breed. Different breeds have different levels of natural activity. Obviously a dog could spend the day on the sofa or hiking the hills!