It’s never too soon (from 12 weeks usually), or too late (dogs can easily pick up bad habits) to start training your dog. Here’s are a few common sense points you need to know to get started.

Repeating things helps your dog learn.

Rewarding your dog (with the right treats) for good behaviour over and over again is the key to a happy, obedient dog.

Reinforcing the same lesson at regular intervals will help your dog not to forget what they’ve learnt.

Rewards can mean verbal praise and physical attention not just a pizzle stick or chicken wing tip. You can use a combination of treats (quick reinforcement treats like sprats work very well during training), verbal praise and stroking.

Reward tips during training. Puppy Classes will vary in style these are some points for what to expect.

• Reward your dog as soon as they obey so they associate the reward with the right action.
• A food reward should be something really tempting – and it won’t work effectively straight after a meal.
• Make sure the treat is healthy and that you’re using just enough to keep your dog motivated.
• Use the treats to let your dog know which action you’re rewarding, then gradually shift to verbal praise and stroking. You want your dog to be motivated by praise and love as well as food.

The puppy classes are across the UK and listed by region. If you are struggling to find a suitable puppy class near you please let us know and we can help.