Meaty Pork Bone Teether Chew


Boodles BIG meaty air dried pork bone, makes an excellent long lasting chew.

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Classic Pork bone is one of the most iconic natural teethers. Boodles Pork bones can enrich your dog’s diet with large amounts of minerals, including calcium and phosphorus.

It’s large and tough so makes a great long lasting chew for older puppies and adult dogs. We recommend this for medium to large breeds as each bone is approximately 20cm in length.

100% pork bone

Analytical composition: crude protein 30.60%, crude fat 22%, moisture up to 4.30%, crude ash 40.12%



The majority of phosphorus in a dogs body is found in bone mineral (over 80%) phosphorus works with calcium to help build bones.

Phosphorus can directly aid in calcium metabolism. It can also aid in the cellular repair of bones. The outer lining of bones contains a lot of protein so it’s important from a diet standpoint that we can repair that, and phosphorus can play a big role in that process.

Phosphorus deficiency can lead to weakened bones and joint pain.


Calcium is the building block for bone growth and regeneration. Being the most abundant mineral in a dog’s body, it serves many important functions to support a dog’s overall health.

In terms of nutrition, calcium is the most recognised nutrient linked to skeletal health. Calcium is a mineral that dogs need to maintain their skeletal system, but calcium is also important for their teeth, muscle control, and blood circulation, among other things.

Calcium is not made in the body and so must be absorbed from food. If a dog’s diet is deficient in calcium, their body will use calcium from their bones for other purposes which leads to weakened, fragile bones. Calcium deficiency can also lead to nervous system problems. Prolonged cases of calcium deficiency can lead to brittle and delicate bones.

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