Premium Bulls Horn Dog Chew


Super large Bulls Horn (approximately 18-22 cm)

Size will vary

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Long Lasting Bulls Horn for a great long lasting chew for your dog.

These come in 3 sizes – but they will vary in size and shape as they are 100% natural.

XLarge – these are super large (approximately 25 cm plus)

perfect for a large dog breed.

Large – These are still big and will offer a really long lasting chew (approximately 18-24cm)

These will suit large breeds and also some medium breeds that really LOVE to chew

Small / Medium – These are again a good sized chew but more of a manageable size for medium breeds (10-15cm

All sizes also have the marrow still inside them which is full of healthy nutrients, vitamins, calcium and protein. Dogs instinctively want marrow in their diets and their primal taste buds love it. Please be aware, marrow is rich and so try not to let your dog consume too much in one go.

The natural brushing quality when chewing on a Boodles Horn and Marrow will also helps keep your dog’s teeth clean.



Boodles Natural Dog Treats


Large, Small/medium, XLarge

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