Pork Skin


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Pork Skin (biodegradable eco pouch)

Pork skin is tough and chewy so it makes for great medium lasting chew. It is high in nutrients and all the good fats dogs need to stay fit and healthy.

The 100g & 400g pouches have a mixture of small and medium size pieces so smaller pieces can also be given as a great snack for between meals and a healthy alternative to mass produced chews. Whilst the large ones can be given as a longer lasting chew. Please keep an eye on your dog to ensure they don’t gobble :)

The 1 kilo bag has HUGE pieces for larger breeds – these will give your dog a great lasting chew, but please don’t let them munch the whole piece in one go :)

We suggest our Boodles pork skin is introduced in moderation, as they are high in protein and in fats, too much at once may cause an upset stomach. Dogs LOVE them just as many of us humans love a good pork scratching, perfect as a wonderful treat :)

Our 1 Kilo option unfortunately doesn’t fit on our pouches currently so they will either be sent in a large clear bag or loose in a boodles box.

  • High protein content
  • Cleans your dog’s teeth
  • Perfect for small medium and large breeds



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400g, 100g, 1kg

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