Pork Skin Cut Pieces


Pork Skin tough, chewy & tasty

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Pork Skin (biodegradable eco pouch)

Pork skin is tough and chewy so it makes for great medium lasting chew. These pieces are cut to sort lengths so are suitable for all dog breeds. Each piece are roughly 10 cm in length (but please note sizes will vary) It is high in nutrients and all the good fats dogs need to stay fit and healthy.

We suggest our Boodles pork skin is introduced in moderation, as they are high in protein and in natural fats, too much at once may cause an upset stomach.

Dogs LOVE them just as many of us humans love a good pork scratching, perfect as a wonderful treat :)

  • High protein content
  • Cleans your dog’s teeth
  • Perfect for small medium and large breeds



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